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Project Description
EAPtoHTML serves a very simple purpose: Extract the diagrams from an Enterprise Architect Project file and save them as PNG files in a folder with an index.html that you can use to search for data.

Some Notes:
  • There is currently no EXE download. You will have to download the solution and build it yourself to run it as it will require access to the EA Interop DLL which I am not providing as well as the LINQpad exe which I'm not providing.
    • LINQpad is free and awesome. I am only using it for formatting the results. You could use anything you wanted I just didn't want to write anything fancy and I already use LINQpad all the time.
    • EA is not free, but it's still pretty awesome for what it does. In my case (and I think many folks case) a group wants to adopt EA but then no one can see the data unless they have an EA license and since that costs money during a pilot it just puts a burden on the folks trying to adopt it as they have to continually extract data to show to people that do not have it.
  • This project is really meant to show you how to do this. To use this extracted data, I personally have just extracted it to excel and then saved it to a sharepoint with a simple javascript search. But I wanted to put something up that would dump out some kind of results.
  • When I have more time I'd like to tune the output, but I figured I would rather get it out there in case someone else just wanted to see how to get EA diagram data out.
  • You can simply rename the .html index file to .xls and import into sharepoint if you want to expose it that way. I did this and then used a calculated column to build the URL to point to an uploaded copy of all of the PNG files also on sharepoint and put some javascript on the page to search within the list after modifying it to show all records. I had over 3000 diagrams and this worked well.

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